Before you remove any water or make any repairs, fully document the damage for your insurer by taking photos or video. Digital versions are best, says Ramirez, because they can be stored electronically and easily copied. If you start removing water or making repairs before you photograph the damage, you could potentially decrease the extent of your coverage, he says.

Richey Restoration is a Mount Juliet restoration services company that has been in business since 1973. The company uses thermal imaging technology to diagnose and repair damage caused by roof leaks, ground water intrusion, floods, appliance failures, plumbing supply leaks, and ice dams. Richey Restoration provides services such as mold remediation, water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, and crime scene cleanup and restoration.
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Great care should be taken when handling appliances following a flood. Because of their proximity to the floor, damage is a possibility and the need for proper cleaning a necessity. People should not turn on their appliances until they have been thoroughly dried, clean and sanitized and maintenance has been performed. Ideally, homeowners should not attempt to clean their own appliances. Take items such as dishwashers, washing machines, electronics and more to qualified professionals for cleaning.
We put our Nashville water damage clients first and communication is the vital to every part of the process. We understand the stress of dealing with a disaster in your home or business, and our goal is to make the process easy for you and that every part of the project is done right the first time. Our no-hassle approach makes sure you know what is going on at any time and that our priority is to get you back to a pre-loss condition quickly. You can rest easy knowing Simple Solutions has your water damage restoration in Nashville TN taken care of.